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Formit – The Ultimate drag and drop WordPress Form Builder

Formit – The Ultimate drag and drop WordPress Form Builder


FormIt Builder is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom forms for your website easily.
With FormIt Builder, designing forms is as simple as drag and drop. You can visualize real-time changes, ensuring the form meets your users’ expectations.
No technical expertise required! All essential features are consolidated on a single, easy-to-navigate page. FormIt Builder allows you to craft your perfect form independently and swiftly.
What’s more, FormIt Builder offers 15+ custom fields and 50+ custom forms to choose from, giving you a plethora of options to create the ideal form for your website! 🎨 It’s like having a form-making superpower at your fingertips. 🚀

Getting Started

After activating the plugin, follow these steps to start creating forms:
1. Go to FormIt Builder in your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click “Add New Form”
4. Configure the form settings and add fields as needed.
5. Save the form and publish it in your desired page or post.

Publish Forms

To publish a form, you can use it by various system. like: Elemntor or Gutenburg. Also you can use it by using the [formit] shortcode.

Here’s a simple example:
[formit id=”8″ title=”Test Form”]

Form Settings

Form Fields Controls
You can define various controls for your form:
* Text Input: Allow users to input text.
* Radio Buttons: Users can select a single option from a list.
* Checkboxes: Users can select multiple options.
* Dropdowns: A dropdown menu for users to choose from.
* Number: A field for numerical input.
* Textarea: A field for longer text input.
* More…

Form Attributes Controls

Customize the form with these attributes:

  • Field Label: Give your form field a meaningful label.
  • Field Name: Unique name for the form field.
  • Field Placeholder: Placeholder text for the form field.
  • Field Class: Apply custom CSS classes to the field.
  • Is Required: Make the field mandatory.
  • More…

CC/BCC Settings

Configure CC and BCC settings for emails:

  • CC: Send a copy of the email to specific addresses.
  • BCC: Send a blind copy of the email to specific addresses.

Mail Templating

Customize the email sent after form submission:

  • Subject: Set the email subject.
  • Body: Define the email body with dynamic tags for form data.

Post-Submit Actions

Define actions after form submission:

  • Redirect: Redirect users to a specific page (internal/external).
  • Display Message: Show a custom message after submission.
  • Execute Custom Script: Run a custom script after successful submission.

View Form Submissions

Easily access and view form submissions:

  • Navigate to the FormIt Builder dashboard in WordPress.
  • Find the form and access the submissions to view user data.


As of this version, we do not currently provide any integration options.


For questions, issues, or feature requests, please open an issue.


We welcome contributions to make this plugin even better. If you’re interested in contributing, please check out our GitHub repository.


This plugin is released under the GPLv2 or later license.


Developed by Xirosoft.

Special thanks to the creators of the following plugins for their valuable contributions:

  1. Google Maps

  2. jQuery Form Builder

    • Purpose: A jQuery plugin for drag and drop form creation
    • Service URL 1: https://formbuilder.online/
    • License: https://formbuilder.online/docs/license/
    • Repository: https://github.com/kevinchappell/formBuilder


  • Formit Forms List
  • Drag and drop form Builder
  • Forms Settings Page
  • System Information
  • Form Submissions Data
  • Single Submissions (Popup View)
  • Forms Documentations (Uses Guide)
  • Profile Controller
  • Dashboard Widget (Form Stats)


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Formit Form


To install the FormIt Builder plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for FormIt Builder
  4. Click Install Now and then Activate.

የተለመዱ ጥያቄዎች

Q1 How do I add a new form using FormIt Builder?

  1. Go to FormIt Builder in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click “Add New Form.”
  3. Configure the form settings and add fields as needed.
  4. Save the form and embed it in your desired page or post.

Q2: Can I customize the look of the form?

Yes, you can customize the form’s appearance using CSS. FormIt Builder provides options to add custom CSS styles for each form.

Q3: How can I integrate FormIt Builder with third-party services?

FormIt Builder supports integration with various third-party services. You can connect your forms to email marketing platforms like MailChimp or integrate with CRM systems for seamless data collection.

Q4: Is FormIt Builder compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, FormIt Builder is fully compatible with Gutenberg. You can easily embed forms created with FormIt Builder into Gutenberg blocks using the [form-builder] shortcode.


ሰኔ 16, 2024
Formit Builder is an outstanding plugin for creating custom forms effortlessly! The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and makes form design a breeze, even for someone with no technical background. The real-time preview is a fantastic feature, ensuring that the forms look exactly how I want them before publishing. I love the variety of fields and templates available, which offer plenty of options to suit different needs. The ability to customize email settings and post-submit actions is incredibly useful, making it easy to manage form submissions effectively. The plugin is well-documented and straightforward to use. I’ve had no issues integrating it with my WordPress site, and the support from the development team has been prompt and helpful. Highly recommend this plugin for anyone looking to add professional forms to their WordPress site!
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