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BaiduXZH Submit(百度熊掌号)


** This plugin relying on a 3rd party as a service, in order to get the latest official Baidu’s protocol. (more details see FAQ)**

After installing BaiduXZH Submit, you can quickly and completely submit webpages to Baidu. Include:

  • Automatic submitting real-time content: after the article or page published, automatically submit URL to Baidu official, within 24 hours to complete the Baidu collection
  • Submitting original protection content: when publishing original articles or pages, apply for original protection automatically and submit URL to Baidu official. In order to protect the originality.
  • Customizing submitted content type: support custom content types, including but not limited to: articles, pages
  • Submitting historical content batch: support batch submission to Baidu
  • Submission type modification
  • Manual submission
  • Display the results of the submission
  • Review the submission record

It helps you with the following:

  • Baidu Spider will better understand and include your site.
  • Baidu Search will better display results from your site.

安装BaiduXZH Submit后,能又快又全的向百度提交内容(包括文章和页面),主要功能有:

  • 实时内容自动提交:当发布文章或页面后,自动将URL提交至百度官方,24小时内完成百度收录
  • 原创保护内容提交:当发布原创的文章或页面后,自动申请原创保护并将URL提交至百度官方,在收录的同时第一时间保证了原创性
  • 可选内容类型:支持自定义内容类型,包括但不限于:文章、页面等
  • 历史内容批量提交:对站点的历史内容(如文章或页面等),支持批量提交至百度完成收录
  • 提交类型修改:可在编辑页中,手动选择提交类型(1小时内发布可修改为原创提交,1天内发布可修改为实时提交)
  • 手动提交:列表页中可选择指定内容进行手动提交
  • 提交结果展示:列表页中展示每条内容的提交结果
  • 提交记录查看:对提交记录(包括手动或自动)成功或失败统一查看


  • 不仅仅展现在百度的收录结果中,更可以收录在熊掌号中(原百家号)
  • 24小时内被百度收录,更实时
  • 原创文章进行原创保护,避免他人抄袭
  • 使百度 Spider 更好的了解您的网站,优化收录
  • 使网站在百度搜索上得到更好的展现,提高百度的索引量,网站的知名度

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  • 页面结构化改造:符合百度官方的页面要求,提高曝光率,增加索引量
  • 增加粉丝关注入口:在查看文章时增加“关注”按钮,从而有效推广自己的熊掌号
  • MIP/H5页面改造:定制化改造
  • 未提交文章检索:对站点未提交过的文章进行批量的检索
  • 批量提交内容:对内容(包括文章和页面等)进行批量的提交
  • 高级支持:一对一的技术支持
  • 自动更新:新版本发布时自动更新


  • Settings page (插件设置界面)
  • Submit status (提交状态查看)
  • Automatic submission tool (自动提交工具)
  • Logs (提交记录)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/i3geek_baiduXZH directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Set the /log directory write permission (777).
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Use the “百度熊掌号” to configure the plugin


  1. 上传插件全部文件到/wp-content/plugins/i3geek_baiduXZH目录,或者在wordpress插件中心进行安装。
  2. 设置/log目录写权限(777)。
  3. 进入后台开启插件。
  4. 通过侧边栏”百度熊掌号”进行设置插件。


የተለመዱ ጥያቄዎች

What’s BaiduXZH Submit?

It is an auto submit site content link to Baidu official platform plugin. It can protect original content (articles or pages) by Baidu, included the articles in 24 hours, increase Baidu index and improve website popularity.

BaiduXZH Submit是一款自动提交站点内容链接到百度官方平台的插件,可以对内容(文章或页面)进行百度原创保护,24小时内对文章进行收录,增加百度索引量提高网站的知名度。

What’s Baidu Xiongzhanghao?

Baidu Xiongzhanghao is a new platform integrating the eight functions of search resource platform (the original Baidu webmaster platform), the Baijiahao platform, the business platform, the service platform, the data opening platform, the operation center, the open platform and the certification center. Can be included not only the content displayed in the Baidu search results, it can be included in Xiongzhanghao platform.



Which third party services are relyied on?
  1. Baidu Xiongzhang’s official API : – in order to automatically submit links to Baidu search engine. (More reference :
  2. This plugin’s official API : – in order to get the latest official Baidu’s protocol, the content submitted to Baidu is more legal. Don’t worry, ONLY require the url which your website’s home page, and we will also ensure it securit.

  3. 百度站长平台官方API,用来自动提交链接

  4. 插件官方API,用来获取最新的协议内容,保障安全可靠的提交链接
Why relying on Why we’re acting as an intermediary service instead of connecting directly to Baidu’s protocols?

Firstly, the latest Baidu’s protocol requires developers permissions, url:
Secondly, Baidu xiongzhang’s current version is still a beta, therefore its protocol is constantly updated. According to the protocol, more importantly, different structural themes must use different code to optimize webpages.
For example, according to the current Baidu protocol, our service needs to be done:
(1)For H5 structure theme, need to add
(2)For MIP structure theme, need to add
(3)Pages of all structures needs to be added JSON_LD. JSON_LD’s format is often changed.
As a result, we have to use our own services( to get the latest protocols and to parse different result according to the structure of sites.
Finally, it can also show you official notifications or help in time (such as hot issues and answers in this page).


Is an optional feature?

NO.’s service provides page optimization support. If it is closed, the plugin does not provide part of the unique function.






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Contributors & Developers

“BaiduXZH Submit(百度熊掌号)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • [完善]安全性完善;
  • [BUG]几处BUG的修复;


  • [新增]操作记录及日志;
  • [新增]列表页中状态显示及提交;
  • [完善]编辑页中手动选择相关功能;


  • [新增]提交状态查看;
  • [新增]历史内容批量提交;
  • [完善]设置参数正确性验证;


  • [新增]基本设置功能;
  • [新增]自动提交配置;
  • [新增]文章类型选择;
  • [新增]原创文章提交设置;
  • [BUG]重复提交BUG修复;