RD Order Modifier for WooCommerce


The RD Order Modifier for WooCommerce allows for the editing of line item prices in the WooCommerce admin area inclusive of tax or VAT as an alternative to the exclusive of tax editing WooCommerce supports by default. You can also choose to edit the prices per unit or per item total.


  • View line item pricing inclusive of tax or VAT
  • View pricing per unit and/or on item total
  • Edit line item pricing inclusive of tax
  • Edit pricing per unit or on item total
  • Works with discounts
  • Works with refunds
  • Works with base shop tax rates
  • High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) compatible

Premium Version

There is a premium version of this plugin available for purchase from the WooCommerce marketplace. The premium version includes all the features of this FREE version as well as the following extra features:

  • Support for custom fee and shipping line items in addition to product line items
  • Support for multiple tax rates
  • Support for location based and reduced tax rates
  • Adds a quick link to item product page
  • Adds a warning if order total has increased after item price edit
  • Optionally change the position of the new columns to show after the standard WooCommerce columns instead of before
  • Ability to disable the feature for non-taxable items
  • Adds a product info quick view button where you can quickly view line item details without leaving the order screen
  • Adds “Quick apply” buttons to the input boxes so you can quickly apply the regular or sales price to a line item so you don’t have to check pricing first
  • Moves the “Settings” menu into the WooCommerce -> Tax area so that it seamlessly fits with WooCommerce instead of being a separate menu on the WordPress sidebar
  • Removes RD branding

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External Services

This plugin makes use of an external API connection to our website (robotdwarf.com) to retrieve information and pricing related to our premium offerings. This connection is only active when viewing the Our Product menu page of this plugin and does not send or share any usage data or statistics with our website or any 3rd party services.
For more information, please view our privacy policy

Installation & Usage

Upload the RD Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin to your WooCommerce shop, activate it, and then create a new WooCommerce order or edit an existing one and adjust the pricing of any line items.
When creating a new order ensure you have added a tax line item to the order already before adding a product line item otherwise the plugin won’t know how to calculate the tax.

Use the Settings page to set how you want the inclusive pricing columns to show and how editing should work (per item or per item total).


  • New column created in the order item list for tax inclusive pricing.
  • Input box for changing inc tax pricing.

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ሚያዝያ 24, 2024 1 reply
Happy to see a plugin developed for this issue. Instant 5 stars. Should have been in woocommerce core.
ሚያዝያ 9, 2024 1 reply
Initially, we opted for the free version, but quickly found ourselves upgrading to the pro version to take advantage of the extra features. Along the way, we encountered a few hiccups. We reached out to the support team, who were incredibly responsive and guided us to a solution. They even tweaked some of the plugin versions for us, showing their commitment to continuously improving the plugin and making it even better. That’s a crucial aspect of working with software products. All in all, this plugin delivers exactly what it promises, and should you face any challenges, the plugin team is exceptionally supportive and eager to assist you.
ጥቅምት 8, 2023 1 reply
Hello! Thank you so much for developing this plugin! The lack of this function in the WC core is a major flaw.
ነሐሴ 14, 2023 1 reply
Good plugin that solved some problems I had when I wanted to modify “on hold” orders product price with VAT included.Before using this plugin, I was using code snippets in order to do that, but that was creating php errors with refunded orders.The plugin offers also several other features, which is good !Thanks to the team that created this plugin and for the answer to support questions and improvement suggestions I asked. PS: I will probably buy the premium version soon on woocommerce for more features and to thank you for your work.
መጋቢት 26, 2023 1 reply
OMG thank you soo much. This has solved a lot of hassle when editing orders manually with prices including tax on. You have saved me HOURS of time!
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Contributors & Developers

“RD Order Modifier for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 06 April 2024
*Rework products page
*Add external service notice to readme
*Remove variables from translations
*Updated woo.com links to woocommerce.com
*Compatibility update


Release Date – 02 February 2024
*Fix some JS spacing
*Compatibility update


Release Date – 05 January 2024
*Fixed bug where deactivating WooCommerce would trigger an error
*Added “Premium Plugins” page
*Updated premium version URLs
*Fixed missing version in readme
*Updated compatibility


Release Date – 28 November 2023
*Fixed missing dependency issue in Query Monitor
*Fixed bug in screen check
*Updated compatibility


Release Date – 06 November 2023
*Updated woocommerce.com links to woo.com
*Added mailing list signup links


Release Date – 27 October 2023
*Added High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) support


Release Date – 12 October 2023
*Fixed issue when saving “Show “includes tax” modifier total column” setting