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Blogger Diary

Mystery Themes

This is a child theme of WP Diary.

ስሪት፥ 1.0.6

ባለፈው የታደሰው፥ ሚያዝያ 5, 2024

Active Installations: 1,000+

የዎርድፕረስ ስሪት፥ 4.7 ወይም ከፍ ያለ

የፒ.ኤች.ፒ ስሪት፥ 7.4 ወይም ከፍ ያለ

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Blogger Diary is a charming WordPress theme designed for those who love blogging and want simple yet sophisticated layouts for their online diaries. The theme offers a visually appealing canvas for creative thoughts, stories, and adventures, ensuring an optimal reading experience on any device. With responsive and mobile-friendly layouts, Blogger Diary meets customization expectations, allowing users to easily personalize their web-diary. Whether seasoned or new to blogging, this theme elevates your online diary and allows you to embrace storytelling, creating a lasting impression on your readers.Check the demo at


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