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Ultimate Blocks is a free powerhouse for bloggers and content marketers using WordPress. It’s not just a plugin, it’s a toolkit to skyrocket user engagement and simplify content creation.

With Ultimate Blocks, you’re not just adding functionalities; you’re crafting experiences.

From interactive content filters, captivating call-to-actions, to social sharing made effortless, every block is a step towards a more engaging and visually appealing website.

It’s about making every visit count, every interaction memorable, and every content piece a breeze to create and manage.

Transform your WordPress journey; let Ultimate Blocks be the catalyst for your website’s success.

Ultimate Blocks currently includes the following blocks:

We have more exciting blocks in the making. Have a suggestion? Let us know.

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More Info About the Blocks

Content Filter
Content Filter lets your visitors filter the content based on different filters. You can let your users go through your content more easily.

Review Block
Add a review block with product name, features, summary, button and star rating. It is Schema Markup enabled.

HowTo Schema Block
Add HowTo Schema with sections, steps and valid schema data.

Table of Contents Block
Generate a table of contents from your headings.

Tabbed Content Block
Add content in tabs in your posts/pages. This comes with a nice drag and drop feature to sort the tabs.

Call to Action Block
Add a nice call to action box with a button. Encourage users to take action, engage more. You can customize everything in the block.

Content Toggle
Add contents in accordions. Let visitors expand them and show the content.

Styled Box Block
Add styled box like – Notification box, Number box, Feature box in your content. Three templates now, more in the making.

Styled List Block
This block lets you add a styled list in your post or pages. Instead of bullets you can use various icons as your list style type. You can also choose color for icons.

Expand Block
Expand Block lets you add expandable content. You can hide some part of your content initially. Upon clicking on ‘Show More’ it will show. It can be hidden again.

Testimonial Block
Nice, simple testimonial box with option to add image, name, role of the testimonial author.

Click to Tweet
Add tweetable content in your posts/pages.

Social Share Block
Add social share buttons in your posts and pages with this blocks. It comes with lots of customization options too.

Countdown Block
Add a countdown in your post/pages. Comes with three different styles.

Progress Bar Block
Add Cirle/Line Progress bar with this blocks. Comes with options to change thickness, color.

Post Grid Block
Add a list or grid of your posts. Comes with options to change categories, order and many more.

Star Rating Block
Add Star ratings in your posts/pages. You can customize size, color, numbers of stars.

Image Slider Block
Add a lightweight, simple image slider in your post. Comes with additional settings.

Button Block
Button block with more customization options and controls.

Divider Block
Add custom divider between your blocks. Customize the color, size, everything.

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  • Review Block (Schema Enabled).
  • Table of Contents Block.
  • Tabbed Content Block.

የተለመዱ ጥያቄዎች

Installation Instructions

Please remember you MUST have WordPress 5.0+ or Gutenberg installed to be able to use this plugin.

  1. Install Gutenberg if you are not on WordPress version 5.0+.
  2. Upload the ultimate-blocks.zip file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your local computer.
  3. Activate the plugins through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

That’s it. You’re done!

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Contributors & Developers

“Ultimate Blocks – WordPress Blocks Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • FIX: Advanced heading generated block security checks.
  • FIX: Button (Improved) breaks when select empty icon.
  • FIX: Table of content not getting nested toggle content block.
  • NEW: Alignment control for the filter buttons in content filter block.
  • NEW: Icon Option for individual list item in styled list block.
  • PRO: Fix: Pro features not showing.


  • FIX: Security issue in heading block.
  • PRO: NEW: Horizontal timeline in the timeline block.
  • PRO: NEW: Block Visibility Extension.


  • NEW: Number settings (Show Number, Number Prefix, Number Suffix) in the progress bar block.
  • IMPROVE: Change default counter, and label font size in the counter block.
  • FIX: Counter bug when change animation.
  • FIX: Attribute schema validating warning in (styled list, advanced video, how to).
  • FIX: Countdown styling not working on frontend.
  • FIX: Advanced heading not working in table of content.
  • FIX: Image slider not showing properly in row block.
  • FIX: Anchor issue in tabbed content block.
  • PRO: NEW: Load more pagination in post grid.
  • PRO: FIX: Schema indexing error Bad escape sequence in string in review block.


  • IMPROVE: Increase bar thickness progress bar.
  • IMPROVE: Make center default alignment of progress bar.
  • IMPROVE: Remove responsive settings from advanced video block.
  • IMPROVE: Add toggle color option on main content toggle block.
  • IMPROVE: Remove bottom white space when add a border in the advanced video block.
  • NEW: Content color and background color option in tabbed content.
  • NEW: Alignment option in advanced video.
  • NEW: Equal Height option in post grid.
  • NEW: Colors Option for (Title, Author, Date, Excerpt, Link, Post) in post grid.
  • NEW: Spacing Option for (Link, Content, Post) in post grid.
  • NEW: Row and Column gap in post grid.
  • NEW: Border Radius Option for (Link, Post, Image) in post grid.
  • FIX: Upload video height issue advanced video block.
  • FIX: Image alignment inside the toggle content.
  • PRO: FIX: Review block colors styling not working on frontend.
  • PRO: FIX: Show more button not working when fade is enable expand block.
  • PRO: NEW: Show taxonomy like badge in post grid.


  • IMPROVE: Separated Styled list and list item alignment.
  • IMPROVE: Make default width for the uploaded video.
  • IMPROVE: Separated normal and hover colors in icon block.
  • IMPROVE: Advanced heading initially without bold.
  • IMPROVE: Shorts support in the advanced video block.
  • IMPROVE: Color Controls in the styled list block.
  • FIX: Shadow in the advanced video block.
  • FIX: Image alignment inside the tabbed content block.
  • FIX: Autoplay in the advanced video block youtube.
  • PRO: FIX: German umlauts (ä,ö,ü) not showing correctly on frontend.
  • PRO: NEW: Ajax functionality for the post grid pagination.


  • FIX: Default Open option is not working content toggle block.
  • FIX: Empty color option in table of content.
  • FIX: PHP errors and warning for WP 5.7.3 and PHP 7.4.33.
  • FIX: Video uploading in advanced video block.
  • PRO: FIX: Content Toggle Search option is not showing in the frontend.
  • PRO: FIX: Changing image slider height with arrow breaks the block.
  • PRO: FIX: Background color not showing in the table of contents.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Move current icon option in layout panel in the table of content.
  • IMPROVE: Add upsell for post grid pagination.
  • IMPROVE: Showing Pagination outside the image in the image slider.
  • IMPROVE: Color component in button (improved) block.
  • IMPROVE: Icon control in all blocks.
  • IMPROVE: Styled List additional panel opened by default.
  • IMPROVE: Renderappender in tabbed content block.
  • NEW: Option to hide review text in the star rating block.
  • NEW: Border and Radius option in icon block.
  • NEW: Custom CSS Extension.


  • IMPROVE: Top and bottom space is not same in divider block.
  • IMPROVE: Border control in button block.
  • IMPROVE: Border control in advanced video block.
  • NEW: Vertical orientation for the divider block.
  • NEW: Align full option in image slider block.
  • NEW: Tiktok url support for advanced video block.
  • FIX: Add wp-block block on frontend in all block.
  • FIX: ArgumentCount PHP Error.
  • FIX: Progress bar inside percentage position not working.
  • PRO: FIX: Opposite text breaking in timeline block.
  • PRO: FIX: Icon not showing on frontend in the tabbed content vertical tab.
  • PRO: FIX: Display Author not hiding the author in editor in the post grid block.
  • PRO: FIX: Use Content toggle panel in table of contents block.
  • PRO: FIX: Toggle Show image thumbnails twice breaks the Image slider block.


  • FIX: Button block spacing.
  • PRO: FIX: Coupon block spacing.
  • NEW: Option to hide navigation arrow in the Image slider block.
  • NEW: Star Rating block review text font size.


  • FIX: Counter block hyperlink converting in html.
  • FIX: Icon block alignment and not showing properly within the row block.
  • NEW: Responsive Control extension.
  • NEW: Separate label color for the counter block.
  • NEW: Countdown unit and digit color.
  • NEW: Justification and orientation option in the button block.
  • NEW: Columns and space between option in the image slider block.
  • NEW: Multiple cta buttons can be added in the review block.
  • NEW: Aspect ratio in the advanced video block.
  • IMPROVE: Set Countdown default date.
  • IMPROVE: Move countdown styles with styles api.
  • IMPROVE: Move button styles in expand block with styles api.
  • IMPROVE: Change initial view of advanced video block with placeholder.
  • PRO: NEW: Timeline block.


  • FIX: Content toggle block breaking.


  • NEW: Orientation option for Social Share block.
  • NEW: Dimension settings for all blocks.
  • PRO: NEW: Custom post type support in Post Grid block.
  • FIX: All blocks duplicate instance not working properly.
  • FIX: Advanced block duplicate instance not working properly.
  • FIX: An issue affecting Counter block for WordPress 5.9.3.
  • FIX: Advanced Video block preview.
  • FIX: Progress Bar html error.
  • FIX: Styled List block spacing in editor.
  • FIX: Star Rating duplicate instance not working properly.
  • FIX: Advanced Heading duplicate instance not working properly.
  • PRO: FIX: Post grid pagination not showing.
  • IMPROVE: Add placeholder text in Advanced Heading.
  • IMPROVE: Replace all block icons with newly design icons.
  • IMPROVE: Convert block registration with block.json.
  • IMPROVE: Counter animation in editor.
  • IMPROVE: Progress Bar detail position.


  • NEW: Counter block.
  • FIX: Schema parsing error from how to block.
  • FIX: Block alignment not working inside the tabbed content block.
  • FIX: Styled List block layout is not equal frontend and editor.
  • FIX: Styled List block duplicate instance not working properly.
  • FIX: An issue affecting content toggle block for <WordPress5.9 servers.
  • FIX: Content toggle block aria attributes mismatch issue.
  • IMPROVE: Settings menu updates.
  • IMPROVE: Add option to select open panel by default in content toggle block.
  • IMPROVE: Change social share block twitter icon to X.
  • IMPROVE: Change default state of social share block.
  • IMPROVE: Change default state of content toggle block.
  • PRO: NEW: Add doesn’t expire option in coupon block.
  • PRO: NEW: Add Coupon Type Coupon/Deal in coupon block.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Make Coupon Block color clearable.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Content toggle blocks attributes including their parent IDs.


  • FIX: PHP warning in how to block.
  • FIX: An issue affecting servers with PHP version <7.3.


  • FIX: Progress bar block duplicate instance not working properly.
  • FIX: Advanced video block height.
  • FIX: Schema parsing error in review block.
  • FIX: Table of contents links issue.
  • FIX: Schema parsing error in review block.
  • FIX: PHP8.2 deprecation warnings.
  • FIX: File permission error affecting some server installations.
  • FIX: Content toggle block attributes not including parent block id.
  • IMPROVE: Advanced video block width (pixel) to (percentage).
  • IMPROVE: Advanced video block transformation from embed block.
  • IMPROVE: Advanced video block width (pixel) to (percentage).
  • IMPROVE: Advanced video block transformation from embed block.
  • IMPROVE: Responsive layout for review block.
  • PRO: NEW: Advanced video channel details and Subscribe Button.
  • PRO: NEW: Fixed/Sticky Table of content block.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Organize coupon block colors panel.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Responsive layout for review block.


  • PRO: IMPROVE: Ability to enable/disable pro blocks from plugin settings menu.
  • PRO: NEW: Hidden coupon option for coupon block.
  • PRO: NEW: Pagination for grid block.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Pros&Cons are now editable for tabbed content block.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Normal and hover colors are seperated in coupon block.
  • PRO: FIX: Schema parsing error in review block.
  • PRO: FIX: Table of contents editor and client error.
  • IMPROVE: Advanced heading auto transformation.
  • IMPROVE: New controls for progress bar block.
  • NEW: Progress bar block styles API integration for line and circle conversions.
  • NEW: Half circle style for progress bar block.
  • FIX: An issue with icon block where some icons fail to load.
  • FIX: Content toggle not opens by default when a hash is passed.
  • FIX: First toggle panel not collapsing when block marked for toggle.
  • FIX: Review block duplicate instance not working properly.


  • NEW: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3.
  • FIX: An issue with block pattern previews causing errors.
  • FIX: Filesystem read permission issue on update for some server installations.
  • FIX: An empty image slider block causing errors on post save operations.
  • FIX: Table of contents block
    • Toggle buttons not visible if no title is assigned to block.
    • Hide animation not being smooth.
    • Initial hide is not working on frontend.
  • PRO: NEW: Coupon Block.
  • PRO: IMPROVE: Fade when minimized now supports different page backgrounds.


  • NEW: Icon Block.
  • IMPROVE: Version synchronization.
  • FIX: PHP 8.1 compatibility updates.
  • FIX: Progress bar toolbar range control not working.
  • PRO: FIX: Some client libraries not being included in plugin zip file.
  • PRO: FIX: Tabbed content saved styles overwriting none style related block attributes.
  • PRO: FIX: Image slider dependency not being available.
  • PRO: FIX: Assigned default styles being applied to previously inserted blocks on edit.


  • NEW: Pro version release.
  • NEW: Saved styles preview for supported blocks.
  • PRO: NEW: Saved styles for supported blocks. Save/apply/set default styles for supported blocks.
  • PRO: NEW: Button
    • Hover animations.
  • PRO: NEW: Content Toggle
    • Search functionality within content.
    • Search summary to display amount of results matched.
    • Highlight color to indicate matched search results inside content toggle.
  • PRO: NEW: Divider
    • Icons for divider elements.
  • PRO: NEW: Expand
    • Fade animation for smooth transitions.
  • PRO: NEW: Image slider
    • Thumbnails for images.
  • PRO: NEW: Review
    • Pros/Cons tables for reviews.
    • Different layouts for pros/cons tables(table, data-driven-graph).
  • PRO: NEW: Tabbed content.
    • Call to action headers.
    • Secondary informative text for tab headers.
    • Tab header icons.
  • PRO: NEW: Tabbed content.
    • Call to action headers.
    • Secondary informative text for tab headers.
    • Tab header icons.
  • PRO: NEW: Table of contents.
    • Section icons.

2.5.8 – March 27th, 2023

  • NEW: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2.
  • NEW: Ultimate Blocks now appear in the new Style Book.
  • Fix: Enqueue scroll polyfill only when needed.

2.5.7 – March 19th, 2023

  • Advanced Heading – Fix Google Fonts embed.
  • Content Toggle – Set number of initial panels to 2.
  • Post Grid – Add way to exclude categories.
  • Tabbed Content – Save last-selected tab in browser history.
  • Other – Added block previews.
  • Other – Improved block options.

2.5.6 – February 2nd, 2023

  • Social share – Fix icon shape display when outline is enabled.
  • Styled list – Fix color rendering while in Astra theme.
  • Styled list – Ensure consistent styled list margins and paddings across themes.
  • Styled list – Restore options to set spacing, font size, columns, and alignment.
  • Styled list – Prevent subitems from being deleted when the parent item is being split.
  • Other – Fix deprecated block_categories check.

2.5.5 – January 4th, 2023

  • Content Toggle – Fix issue with rendering panels.
  • Content Toggle – Allow setting transparency values to colors.
  • Post Grid – Fix title rendering.
  • Social Share – Sanitize post title before use in social share.
  • Styled Box – Ensure that number box columns have numbers by default.
  • Styled List – Convert block to new format that uses inner blocks.
  • Styled List – Add text color and background color properties to match the core list block’s properties.
  • Styled List – Remove font size, item spacing, and columns properties due to incompatibility with new styled list format.
  • Tabbed Content – Remove border in vertical tabs while using pills and underline tab style.
  • Table of Contents – Prevent empty link array in Table of Contents from generating an error.
  • Image Slider – Load JavaScript file only when image slider is in use for better performance.
  • Other – Fix issue with deprecated filter on WordPress 5.7 and older.
  • Other – Update FontAwesome to version 6.2.
  • Other – Remove final method warning.

2.5.4 – November 7th, 2022

  • Content Toggle – Fix issue with content toggle panel insertion while the Gutenberg plugin is active.
  • Content Toggle – Allow using Content Toggle panel titles within Table of Contents.
  • Content Toggle – Increase space between plus/minus toggle icon and icon location switch in editor.
  • Content Toggle – Fix content toggle error when encountering instances w/ no child blocks.
  • Review – Fix issue with review block image size not being saved.
  • Other – Fix PHP deprecation issue.

2.5.3 – September 19th, 2022

  • Table of Contents – Hide everything except Allowed Headings in Table of Contents inspector by default.
  • Table of Contents – Set color of show/hide button in ToC to color of title.
  • Table of Contents – Fix issue with table of contents scrolling with reference element.
  • Advanced Video – Add play button when using custom thumbnail in advanced video.
  • Advanced Video – Fix issue with inserting URLs for custom thumbnails in advanced video.
  • Advanced Video – Add option to make video automatically fit within its container.
  • Button – Remove default nofollow from button links.
  • Button – Fix Sponsored option not working for button links.
  • Divider – Add option to convert core separator into divider.
  • Expand – Add option to scroll show button of expand into view after clicking hide.
  • Other – Fix styling for reusable blocks with more than one top-level block.
  • Other – Revise block settings page.
  • Other – Add option to rollback to older versions.
  • Expand – Add option to scroll show button of expand into view after clicking hide.

2.5.2 – July 25th, 2022

  • Table of Contents – Allow customizing text for show/hide button.
  • Styled List – Fix issue with selecting icon color with Astra’s color palette.
  • Tabbed Content – Remove placeholder text from empty tab innerblocks.
  • Tabbed Content – Use tab number for default and placeholder tab name.
  • Tabbed Content – Add icons for tab layout selector buttons.
  • Other – Fix issue with initialization of PDF Embedder instances (and potentially other content embeds) within Content Filter, Content Toggle, Expand, and Tabbed Content.

2.5.1 – June 27th, 2022

  • Fix: Icons missing issue in some blocks.

2.5.0 – June 24th, 2022

  • Progress Bar – Copy settings controls to inspector.
  • Progress Bar – Match background bar height with main height.
  • Progress Bar – Set default value to 75.
  • Progress Bar – Add option to set background bar color.
  • Progress Bar – Allow resizing circular progress bar.
  • Advanced Heading – Add heading level selector to block toolbar.
  • Advanced Heading – Set default heading level to h2.
  • Advanced Heading – Automatically make paragraph block when adding empty new line from advanced heading, and a separate advanced heading block when pressing enter within advanced heading content.
  • Button – Remove minimum height from buttons while in editor.
  • Content Toggle – Fix attribute rendering in frontend.
  • Other – Update FontAwesome to 6.1.


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0.
  • Content Toggle – Make turning on individualCollapse work properly when showOnlyOne is on.
  • Content Toggle – Force all content toggle panels to show when prevent collapse is enabled.
  • Expand – Prevent deletion of Expand Inner Portion block.
  • Tabbed Content – Prevent deletion of Tab inner block.
  • Other – Limit allowed media types for media inputs in Review, Styled Box, and Testimonial blocks to images.


  • Button – Option to convert core buttons to Ultimate Blocks Buttons (Improved).


  • Table of Contents – Replace toggles with checkboxes.
  • Table of Contents – Move collapsible settings to separate panels.
  • Table of Contents – Copy column and list type selector to inspector.
  • Divider – Add option to set width.
  • Divider – Add option to adjust alignment.
  • Styled List – Remove backslashes from SVG code.


  • FIX: Conflict in Content Toggle.
  • FIX: Conflict in Tabbed Content.


  • IMPORTANT: Security fix.
  • FIX: PHP Critical error conflict with some plugins.


  • Button – Set default width to flex.
  • Button – Set default button radius to enabled and 10px.
  • Button – Add option to set individual button corner settings.
  • Button – Add code for converting old button corner data to new version.
  • Button – Allow changing button icon size.
  • Content Toggle – Fix frontend script behavior when collapse on mobile is on.
  • Content Toggle – Prevent showOnlyOne and collapseOnMobile from being simultaneously on.
  • Post Grid – Set default post title tag to h4.
  • Table of Contents – Prevent error when frontend script is loaded even in pages where the Table of Contents is not present.
  • Table of Contents – Changed Table of Contents Settings Sorting.
  • Other – Resolve simple_html_dom naming conflict.


  • Content Toggle – Add option for separate Content Toggle status in mobile.
  • Table of Contents – Add option to set bullet/number color separately.
  • Table of Contents – Make colors default to theme colors when values are not set.
  • Table of Contents – Remove HTML tags from custom anchor texts.
  • Table of Contents – Set default value of gaps for old Table of Contents instances.
  • Countdown – Keep expiry message when loading expired countdown timers.
  • Review – Add option to align call to action button.
  • Review – Allow setting image position with respect to description.
  • Review – Remove image size limit.
  • Review – Rename all instances of saveAs in generated schema code into sameAs.
  • Styled Box – Allow adding inner blocks to number box.
  • Tabbed Content – Ensure accordion mode works when using pills or underline tab styles.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix issue with tabindex cycle in pills and underline tab styles.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix tabindex values of tabs when clicked.


  • Button – Remove minimum width from flex buttons.
  • Content Toggle – Prevent event listeners from being applied to elements not part of the block itself.
  • Expand – Add buttons for adding child blocks.
  • HowTo – Prevent apostrophes from being escaped in JSON-LD code.
  • Social Share – Fix link rendering when icon captions are enabled.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix behavior when pressing Tab key.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix display of tab background color in vertical mode.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix display of tab borders when shifting from horizontal to vertical mode and vice versa.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix display of tabs when in accordion mode.
  • Table of Contents – Simplify inspector option texts.
  • Table of Contents – Add color settings.
  • Table of Contents – Fix list style selection display.
  • Other – Enable styling for blocks present in widgets.


  • NEW BLOCK: Advanced Video.
  • Content Filter – Fix display of active button text color.
  • Content Toggle – Revise FAQ schema generation function.
  • Content Toggle – Add option to convert Content Toggle into core blocks.
  • Content Toggle – Allow setting toggle status for each panel separately.
  • Countdown – Allow customizing circular countdown size.
  • Expand – Fix pointer display for expand toggle button.
  • HowTo – Fix initial video start time and end time values for each step.
  • HowTo – Add unit names to start time and end time inputs.
  • HowTo – Fix generation of duration code in ISO 8601 format.
  • Post Grid – Allow togging post title visibility.
  • Review – Prevent apostrophes from being escaped in review block JSON LD.
  • Social Share – Change Reddit icon color.
  • Social Share – Update Twitter and LinkedIn share URLs.
  • Social Share – Allow adding captions to icons.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix tab alignment display in editor.
  • Table of Contents – Fix incompatibility with Headline from GenerateBlocks.
  • Other – Update Font Awesome to 5.15.4.
  • Other – Update Swiper to 6.8.4.


  • NEW BLOCK: Advanced heading
  • Button – Use default icon list when current user can’t access API.
  • Content filter – Prevent parent filter selection from overriding child filter selection.
  • Content filter – Allow converting content filter content to nested group blocks from core.
  • Divider – Change divider width.
  • Divider – Render divider with HR tag.
  • HowTo – Fix errors due to upgrading from previous versions.
  • HowTo – Allow changing tags for main title, section titles, and step titles.
  • HowTo – Prevent crash when toggling section mode while how to result is selected.
  • Image Slider – Upgrade Swiper to version 6.7.1.
  • Image Slider – Make image slider bullets clickable.
  • Image Slider – Make image slider navigation buttons properly respond to space keypress.
  • Image Slider – Enable arrow key navigation.
  • Review – Fix display of review image in Safari.
  • Review – Prevent review image from affecting star layout.
  • Review – Allow setting percentage values for review features.
  • Review – Allow customizing font size of call to action button.
  • Review – Prevent background image from overriding call to action button background color.
  • Star Rating – Fix frontend fractional star display.
  • Star Rating – Set star outline color for star rating in editor to match display color.
  • Styled List – Use default icon list when current user can’t access API.
  • Styled List – Fix column count indicator for styled list.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix tab title alignments when rearranging and deleting tabs.
  • Testimonial – Fix alignment indicators in Testimonial.
  • Other – Replace deprecated filter (WordPress 5.8) with new filter.


  • Button – Fix issue with adding links.
  • Button – Fix button radius display.
  • Star Rating – Enable values to be set at intervals of 0.1 stars.
  • Styled List – Set default list font size to theme’s font size.


  • Review – Change default star color and outline color to #F7B708.
  • Review – Make review description text flow under review image in mobile.
  • Review – Fix display of review block’s call to action button text color.
  • Review – Add new review feature in feature list when pressing enter.
  • Review – Prevent HTML tags from being displayed in star settings.
  • Review – Allow merging of review features.
  • Table of Contents – Fix animation for 2-column and 3-column layouts.
  • Table of Contents – Allow hiding in mobile while leaving desktop settings unaffected.
  • Table of Contents – Standardize transliteration of Cyrillic headings in line with BGN/PCGN.
  • Post Grid – Allow filtering posts by author.
  • Post Grid – Allow filtering posts by tag.
  • Post Grid – Prevent unused space for Post Grid image from affecting style.
  • HowTo – Fix JSON-LD error with HowTo tip.
  • HowTo – Omit cost and time code from JSON-LD code whenever they’re equal to zero.
  • HowTo – Allow individually setting width and float for images in steps and yield.
  • Image Slider – Fix image slider functionality when parent block visibility is toggled.
  • Image Slider – Update swiper to v6.5.9.
  • Progress Bar – Fix display of progress bar value input slider.
  • Progress Bar – Also apply alignment setting to progress bar when circular mode is selected.
  • Styled Box – Hide alignment options in styled box when no mode is selected.
  • Styled List – Allow setting styled list item font size.
  • Styled List – Split styled list block instance into two after entering two empty items.
  • Tabbed Content – Add options for setting color of inactive tabs and alternate tab styles.
  • Button – Set default button alignment to center.
  • Content filter – Panels that have no tags from multi-select categories are no longer filtered out when nothing from that category is selected.
  • Divider – Prevent divider block internal CSS from removing other blocks’ CSS.
  • Expand – Prevent wrapper innerblock of expand block from being used as reusable.
  • Other – Move recently-picked icons to top of icon list in Button and Styled list.


  • Content Toggle – Prevent the anchor ID of any panel from being automatically applied to all other panels.
  • Table of Contents – Fix issue with transitioning from the table of contents in version 2.4.3.
  • Table of Contents – Prevent possible error with page gap array in Table of Contents.


  • Button – Allow customizing button border radius.
  • Button – Set button selection to new button.
  • Button – Highlight selected button.
  • Button – Ensure that a button is selected when clicking on it.
  • Button – Keep old button block instances center-aligned.
  • Content Filter – Set default matching option to matchAny.
  • Content Filter – Make a single matching tag in a multi-select category count for matchAll.
  • Content Filter – Ctegory name style change.
  • Content Toggle – Allow adding anchor IDs to individual panels.
  • Content Toggle – Enable keyboard navigation.
  • Divider – Allow changing border style.
  • Expand – Add ARIA attributes.
  • Expand – Allow toggling visibility through keyboard shortcuts.
  • Review – Allow adding link to review item page in schema.
  • Star Rating – Fix issue with setting star color to anything other than preset colors within the displayed palette.
  • Tabbed content – Force block appender button to appear within newly-inserted tabs.
  • Table of contents – When editing anchors, set default text to the actual heading text.
  • Other – Revert faulty fix for reusable block issue.
  • Other – Make texts with customizable colors text color inherit the parent element’s color settings when it can be customized but is unset.
  • Other – Compatibility check with latest WordPress version.


  • Button – Fix editor display of hover colors.
  • Button – Make flex buttons resize for smaller screen sizes.
  • Button – Paginate icon selection panel.
  • Button – Remove button link settings panel from inspector.
  • Button – Split button color selection panel into tabs.
  • Button – Set default button alignment to left.
  • Content Toggle – Ensure that the color settings for the block is always set according to the color values in the panels.
  • Countdown – Replace Hubspot’s odometer library with custom-made script.
  • Review – Ensure that edits to offer attributes are saved when itemType is set to SoftwareApplication.
  • Star Rating – Prevent container div for star rating review text from rendering when it’s empty.
  • Styled List – Add option to set number of columns.
  • Styled List – Fix icon selection display.
  • Styled List – Paginate icon selection panel.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix getting blockID value.
  • Tabbed Content – Enable keyboard navigation.
  • Tabbed Content – Fix issue where the first tab in new tabbed content instances tends to be empty.
  • Table of Contents – Prevent Table of Contents from being turned into a reusable block.
  • Table of Contents – Fix animation issue when visibility is being toggled.
  • Table of Contents – Fix compatibility issue with the Headline block from GenerateBlocks, versions 1.2 onwards.
  • Other – Fix compatibility issue with PHP8.0.
  • Other – Fix error during conversion of reusable blocks into regular blocks when a block from Ultimate Blocks is included.


  • ADD: Button – missing checkbox.
  • ADD: Content toggle – allow using percentage paddings.
  • FIX: HowTo – error with default values.
  • FIX: Review – prevent schema errors caused by unescaped inputs.
  • ADD: Review – option to toggle review summary visibility.
  • ADD: Review – option to enter decimal values in review offer price.
  • ADD: Star Rating – option to customize text color.
  • FIX: Star Rating – star alignment when used with Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  • FIX: Styled List – list icon display issue.
  • FIX: Tabbed Content – issue with pasting tab titles.
  • FIX: restore block deactivation script.
  • REMOVE: unused dashicon style import.


  • ADD: Review – enable using review schema with …